My families sacrifices

Where I grew up, so it has not much respect for people in their surroundings. One thinks only of himself. I grew up in a suburb where there are immigrants, there are a few "Swedes" where I was born.

The difference between "Swedes" and "immigrants" is very large. Swedish looking down on us with an immigrant background, and we look down on Swedes because they are arrogant, selfish and some are very racist. When my parents moved to Sweden in the early 70th century, it was them one of the first with the ethnic background of the suburb. The suburb is getting worse and worse where I grew up. But my parents have meant a lot to me during my youth. I could never do without my family.

90% of my childhood friends are in trouble. Some are in prison, some have drug problems and some have no training at all. Had not my parents raised me the way they did, it would be great chance that I would follow my friends' footsteps. They have taught me since I was little that one should respect all kinds of people no matter what religion / skin color they have. Where I grew up, it is a lot of different nationalities.

I have a lot out of friends who do not like Swedes / dark skinned etc. But I get pissed on when they say stuff like that. They are just as much people as us. I have a lot out friends who are both dark-skinned and Swedes.

I've learned a lot out of spending time with different nationalities, maybe it's because I'm so respected by my friends. I've never had any problems to get along with any other race. My parents told me when I was little, "Treat your friends as you want to be treated."

My family has made a lot of sacrifices for me, because they really believe in me, both akademsikt and athletically. When I was younger I played football for a very good football club. It was very expensive to play football when I was younger, my parents had to work twice as much just to pay my expenses. Right now I am extra motivated to succeed both...
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