Heinz Company - Integrating Business Strategies and Risk Management

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Heinz Company - Integrating Business Strategies and Risk Management

Background of the company
No firm outdid H.J. Heinz in enunciating the benefits of welfare work to consumers. Sketching in consumers' minds a link between the conditions under which products were assembled and their final market value, Henry Heinz made the Heinz label a household word. Unique in its success, the Heinz approach characterized consumer focused welfare publicity in two important ways. First, acute anxieties about commercial food preparation in the Progressive era encouraged food companies to advertise workplace reforms more widely than did other industries. Second, like the majority of welfare work advertising, Heinz publicity targeted middle-class women (Tone 1997).

The Heinz condiment company was founded in 1869, when twenty five-year-old Heinz began selling horseradish grown on a small plot of land in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania. By 1900 the company had relocated to Pittsburgh, was employing a year-round, primarily female labor force of 2,500, and had cornered the burgeoning food preservation market through its manufacture of diverse comestibles such as baked beans, pickles, ketchup, chutney, preserves, and tomato soup (Tone 1997). From the beginning, Henry Heinz demonstrated his commitment to employee welfare. In 1903, when many employers still regarded welfare work as a risky innovation, Heinz had already established a wide range of betterment programs. The Heinz Company believed it provided the perfect setting and people to achieve this goal. Employees' attitudes and actions were indispensable to the company's desire to mass-produce condiments tastier than their homemade counterparts (Tone 1997). H.J. Heinz Company is one company that introduced innovations in its market and it created commonly used products such as Tomato Ketchup, Horseradish and Sour onions.

Organizational structure
Heinz has established a strong system of corporate governance to ensure the Company is accountable to shareholders and the community, and that it operates in an ethical and socially responsible manner. At the center of their system is the 12-member Board of Directors elected by shareholders. Aside from the board of directors, the company has executives that make sure that the company performs well. The company's Chairman, President and Chief Executive officer is William R. John. The company made sure that it hired the best people in their field. The structure of the company is decentralized wherein decisions are not made by a single person. The board meets on a daily basis to discuss important issues and decisions that will create changes within the whole firm. The leader of the executive department of the company also meets with the board to discuss some strategies. In some instances the company’s departments communicates with each other before making any kind of decision that will affect a certain division. This structure of the company helps it to make the best decisions that in turn will be vital so that the company can provide the best service that people will avail. This also makes sure that any conflicts within the company can be minimized.

Mission of the business
The company wants to make sure that it creates products that are renowned and favorite for most people. The company makes sure that they have cutting edge researches about technologies that will help them continue their reputation as an innovative leader in the food industry. The company researches for technologies and techniques that will help them make sure that they always place the needs, health, safety and well-being of our consumers above all else. Moreover the company makes sure that it makes researches on the nutrition a certain target market needs.

This case study intends to make sure that the company will know its current standing and its future standing, this plans intend to determine how the company can acquire a good future...
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