Heineken N.V.: Global Branding and Advertising

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  • Published : November 23, 2010
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1.Executive summary


The Heineken N.V. is a beer brewery founded in Amsterdam and is almost 150 years old. The case to be analyzed is from 1998 and has information for example of the sales of Heineken of 1993. The case refers to two research projects reviewed by the senior management at the Headquarters in Amsterdam. Project Comet which

It has a big tradition. brand has been around since 1863 and is a worldwide beer brand. The case information basis of information for this case comes from Heineken’s 1993 statistics. For instance, of the 120 billion liters of beer sold in the world in 1993, Heineken accounted for 5.6 billion which is 4.6% of total beer sold. This case looks at two of Heineken’s research projects (Project Comet, and Project Mosa) that define and explore the 5 components of Heineken’s brand image: Taste, Premiumness, Tradition, Winning Spirit, and Friendship. They also explore the most appealing images of Heineken’s expressions of taste and friendship with regards to brand image. Project Comet is a research project that provides the companies definition and guidelines to producing a Heineken promotional commercial. Also note that Heineken’s television commercials account for 90% of its advertising campaigns. Project Mosa is a research project that focused on gathering information through focus groups around the world to determine key attributes of the brand as well as identifying the negative aspects of the brand. The key issues in this case are: the need to determine the mutual consistency of the two research projects and the need to evaluate the worthiness of standardizing Heineken’s brand image and advertising worldwide.

3.Heineken's strengths and weaknesses

Heineken uses until today a strain of yeast that was developed in 1886 and has an original formula. Heineken preserved with it a special and unique taste for more than 100 years. •Producing 5.6 billion litres of beer each year,...
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