Heineken Sales and Account Management Report

Topics: Heineken International, Heineken Pilsener, Netherlands Pages: 28 (8978 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Project Sales & Account Management
February 16, 2012.


This is a sales proposal written for Heineken on how they should enter the South-African. What we researched is: How can Heineken enhance its sales by expanding its market share to new consumer markets in South-Africa?

During reading this sales proposal, you can find the current situation of Heineken, an internal analysis, external analysis, a SWOT analysis, information about how Heineken should enter new markets, and as last the sales proposal itself. Within these chapters you will see that Heineken offers a good product of high quality for a reasonable price.

At some point in the sales proposal you will find out that Heineken has still a lot markets where it can grow in. Although their market position is worldwide very strong, there are some weak consumer markets. Those weak consumer markets are not specific entire countries, but merely results from external factors. Many of the external factors are the outcome from the economical crisis which has a great impact on the life of beer consuming people. Because of the importance of this factor, it will be widely conducted in our report.

Next to all this, we will go into further detail about all the cultural factors which you will come through when you have to enter a new market. Drinking beer is not a worldwide common aspect in people their life, so when Heineken enters a new market, Heineken has to take the cultural aspects of a country in mind very well.


In this report, you can find a sales proposal which is written for Heineken, a company which finds it roots in our very own country, The Kingdom of the Netherlands. Heineken is a company which became famous for its beer, and who is selling nowadays many more products besides of its beer. Heineken is operating worldwide, and can be seen as the most successful beer brand in the world, something where the Dutch people can be proud of. However, there are still some markets where Heineken can improve its sales.

How can Heineken enhance its sales by expanding its market share to new consumer markets in South-Africa?

Table of contents

SummaryPage 2

IntroductionPage 3

An introduction to HeinekenPage 5

Current situation
Heineken year report in shortPage 6
Organizational structure HeinekenPage 7

Internal analysis
Market positionPage 8
Competitive advantagesPage 9
Marketing mixPage 10
Heineken sales techniquesPage 11
Financial overviewPage 12

External analysis
Value chain analysisPage 13
Porter’s 5 forcesPage 14
Pestle analysisPage 15
CompetitorsPage 17
Customer analysisPage 18
Cultural aspectsPage 19

SWOT analysisPage 20

Sales proposalPage 21

ConclusionPage 24

BibliographyPage 25

ContractPage 26PlanningPage 27
Consolidated income statementPage 29

An introduction to Heineken

Heineken, nowadays
Heineken is a Dutch beer which is brewed by Heineken International. It is popular in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Vietnam, Europe, Singapore, the Middle Eastern countries and India. Heineken beer is brewed by 40 breweries in 39 countries around the world. With approximately 54,000 people employed.

Heineken’s original factory in Amsterdam was closed in 1988 and is now open for The Heineken Experience. The Heineken Experience is a museum about Heineken pilsner and the Heineken brewery, based in the original brewery in Amsterdam. The building was built in 1867. In 1991, when part of the establishment was torn down, the Heineken Treat and Information Centre were opened in the remaining building. In 2001 the name was changed to Heineken Experience.

The museum features "rides", interactive exhibits, and two bars. It also gives an insight into the...
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