Heineken Micro, Macro Force, Consumer Behaviour

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Heineken was first brewed in 1864 at Amsterdam by Gerard Adriaan Heineken. Till today, after 146 years of development, the Heineken brand has become the most valuable international premium beer brand. Available in almost every country on the planet, Heineken is one of the world’s leading international brewers, producing more than 200 different brands and employing more than 75,000 people worldwide.

“Our journey is summarized by 'Brewing a Better Future' that reflects our intent, our values, our heritage and the plans we have put in place for our business.” (From http://www.heinekeninternational.com)

The statement above reflects the overall marketing strategy of Heineken. Heineken aims to balance the financial sustainability with playing a role in society and to make positive long-terms commitments to investments in the environment, communities, people and partnerships. I. Marketing Environment

This is the cluster of outside factors that affects on an organization’s relationship with its targeted market. It includes microenvironment – features related to the company that affect its ability to serve the customer (the company, supplier, intermediaries, customers, competitors, publics); and macroenvironment – larger forces that have influences the microenvironment (demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, cultural). 1. Microenvironmental Force

Among the six factors, competitors would be the most suitable to present the impact of microenvironmental forces on Heineken’s marketing activities. Competitors are those who serve the same target market with identical categories of products and services that are considered as reasonable substitutes by consumers. In today’s competitive market, if a company fails to satisfy its customers while its competitors are able to do so; its business is inevitably willing to have big lost. Hence, it is a survival issue to a company to find its owned sustainable strategy. Singapore's market provides a large variety of beer from well known brands such as Carlsberg and Tiger to new brands as Chang beer. Those are all easily available in any supermarket, coffee shops or pubs. Therefore, Heineken have to come up with creative ideas and events to gain a strategic advantage against its competitors.

In order to differentiate itself from the over-saturated beer market, Heineken use green as the company’s color. Green is synonymous with sustainability and environmental credentials. Being green is about making commitment to people, communities and society.

Heineken beer is made of natural ingredients so it has a special taste and is very good for health. Consumers recognize its high quality product not just by their experiences but also by the number of awards that Heineken achieved. By drinking Heineken beer, customers are showing their high standard of taste and knowledge.

Furthermore, Heineken is the first brewer all over the world commences to practice society responsible. With the latest campaign “Brewing a better future”, Heineken is not just providing high quality beer but also being responsible to society. Consuming Heineken beer is no more just for leisure but now also for a “better future” of the world. Through this program, Heineken has pointed out its superior value that no other breweries have provided yet to their customers.

2. Macroenvironmental Force
Political is one of macroenvironmental forces that affect Heineken’s marketing activities. Under the political influence, Heineken is practicing the program “Brewing a better future”. “Brewing a better future” includes six core initiatives: Green Brewers – With Green Brewers, Heineken is applying a green production process. They aim to use energy in an efficient way and reduce the associated fossil CO2 emissions in line with international agreements and treaties. They also plan to use water in an efficient way without compromising access to water for users of the same source and the...
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