Heineken in the Market

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  • Published : November 15, 2007
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The main issue that comes to surface when dealing with globalization is "being able to adapt". One could never globalize operations if the ability to adapt to other cultures is not present. That means that there is a necessity of a corporate culture which enables a organization to adapt and integrate into the culture in which there will be operated. It is clear that Heineken has such a culture.

Heineken sees itself as an integral part of the societies they are operating in. A lot of value is attached to respecting, honor and understanding the socio-political situation and the local culture they are dealing with. Not only integration in behavioral context, but also in bringing messages across to their audience and adjusting their product in the desired way is crucial. The willingness and mainly the execution of these elements are of essential importance in order to be successful overseas. Heineken has policies to analyze and support these elements.

Only the ability to adapt and integrate is not enough to become globally effective, other key elements are innovation, product identity, a healthy financial position and the ability to react to changes on the market. Heinekens' strategies guided by their corporate culture implement all these mentioned elements. Their plans to meet challenges, their global recognition trough their strong brand identity which has been established in the 19th century and which still is strengthened and emphasized, their healthy financial position because of their previous success and constant investments, all these elements will play a big role in Heinekens struggle to become globally effective.

Being globally successful also depends on the international management style that is embraced by a organization. This style determines the steps a organization will follow. In the beginning when Heineken was found their international management was based on a ethnocentric point of view. Heineken was raised to serve the needs of...
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