Heineken Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Brand, Graphic design Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: April 1, 2012
Heineken is a global brand that has achieved great success in many regions across the world. Heineken benefits from many strengths that have been developed through careful corporate planning. * High quality brand image in many markets – In the US and Hong Kong markets Heineken is viewed as a very high quality, premium brand. In many other markets Heineken is seen as a quality brand, but blends with the other European imports. * Original Formula – Heineken benefits from having a long lasting, proven formula that many beer drinkers are loyal to. * Attractive Packaging – Heineken is one of the few beer brands that feature a green bottle and box. This distinctive brand icon lets consumers easily recall Heineken in their consideration set when purchasing beer. * Worldwide distribution – Heineken is available in all corners of the globe giving it immense distribution capabilities. While Heineken is a strong brand with outstanding prospects, the worldwide branding efforts have some major weaknesses. * Regional advertising campaign – The absence of a worldwide advertising campaign was hindering the company’s ability to present a uniform branding strategy across the map. * Stagnant brand image – Heineken had begun to slide back into the back and blend with many of the other European breweries. * Brand communication deviated from desired brand image – in many markets, local managers have created regional marketing strategies that communicated an alternate brand image than that of corporate Heineken. Opportunities for Heineken could come in a variety of outlets. * Focus on areas that are in the beginning stages of beer development – Heineken has already been introduced in almost every area of the world. Leverage this strength in the areas such as Southeast Asia and South America that are looking for a premium beer segment. They could adjust the marketing mix in these areas to mimic that of the areas where Heineken has achieved this superior...
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