Heineken Case Situation Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Graphic design Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: May 2, 2013
In the process of developing its global branding, Heineken has successfully dominated the leading position in all industry and was keeping its steps in increasing. Globalization of the whole beer industry provided opportunities for Heineken to consolidate and extend market in foreign countries and regions. However, there were still some challenges making Heineken to consider an efficient strategy to achieve its success in different countries and regions. On one hand, substantial differences reflected in consumption, consumer preference and behavior in each region, which related to local cultural, and also competitors from different region market. On the other hand, different countries were in different stages of market development for Heineken brand, which was related to distinct marketing objectives. For instance, objective was to deeply segment market and restore for mature market, while for growing market, objective was to build brand image and attract more consumers. These challenges required differentiation in marketing strategy, like advertising, promotion, in different regions. While, another problem came into being as a result of this requirement: in differential marketing strategy, especially television advertising, methods and elements of communication were set up primarily based on local situation. In other word, this could lead to inconsistent in brand’s image communication. To deal with this problem, managers in Heineken thought out to standardize brand image and advertising worldwide. This meant to conclude a brand image, which was applicative and accepted in different regions, as basic standard, and then carry out differentiation. Project Comet and Project Mosa were implemented to test this method.
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