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Executive Summary 2

Introduction 3

1. Global overview of Heineken 4 1.1 Brief introduction 4 1.2 Heineken's success in Europe 4 1.3 Heineken’s success in the world 5 1.4 Marketing strategy of Heineken in the world 6

2. Overview of Heineken in China 6 2.1 Brief introduction 6 2.2 Sales strategy in China 7 2.3 Promotion in China 7 2.4 The frustration in China 8

3. Heineken, the Sponsor of Champions League in last 19 years 9 3.1 Introduction of UEFA 9 3.2 The cooperation of Heineken and UEFA 9 3.3 How Heineken works with this sponsorship 10 3.4 Brief analysis about success in Sport Marketing 10 3.5 The interaction of Heineken with Champions League 11

4. Professional Analysis about Heineken Case 12 4.1 Sports Marketing 12 4.2 Strategic d domains 12 4.3 Theme-Based strategies 13 4.4 Alignment-Based strategies 13 4.5 Applications in recent decades 13 5.

5.1China’s Prospective 14 5.2Recommendation 15

Conclusion 16

Appendix 1
Reference 17 Appendix 2
Figures 19

Executive Summary
By its cooperation with UEFA Champion League, Heineken’s sponsorship has already been defined as a feasible approach of dream coming true. When people are talking about those football matches, Heineken’s image will come up coincidentally, undoubtedly. The potential impact of the marketing outcome of Heineken is to some extent, very huge and continuous.

The way how Heineken sponsors the Champion League and how those marketing campaigns are taken place, as a result, are worthy dealing with. In the meanwhile, the Super League in China has witnessed its boom. Since Heineken does not sell very “well” in Chinese market, lacking of feasible marketing strategies is one of the key matters why its business doesn’t run smoothly.

As a result, this report mainly focuses on Heineken’s marketing approach in UEFA Champion League by analyzing its “Sports Marketing” patterns, and to figure out possible solutions for Super League plus the Chinese Heineken market.

The following parts will in succession describe Heineken Global Market and Chinese Heineken Market, discuss the HEINEKEN CHAMPION LEAGUE approach in details and give suggestions that how it can also be applied to help expand and strengthen Heineken’s business in Chinese market.


It was in 1863, the year which Heineken was founded by Gerard Adrian Heineken in Amsterdam (Kriscenski, A. 2012). Today, Heineken has already enjoyed its top position in market, being as one of the most popular beer brands in the world. Great success has been witnessed in Heineken historically, especially in European countries, according to Griffin & Weber (2006). However, Heineken is not only successful in Europe, but also made it in other...
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