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A methodology to assess the maturity
level of brewery business processes
Master Thesis

Mikel Armendáriz (MSc Production Engineering and Management) Company supervisor:
Joost Roldaan, Process Control & Utilities Manager (Supply Chain Group, Heineken International).
University supervisor:
Ove Bayard, School of Industrial Engineering and Management (Royal Institute of Technology).

June 2010


The purpose of this project is to develop a procedure to assess the maturity level of the brewery business processes to be able to determine the required level of process automation & IT for a brewery.

This procedure is made up by several tailored questionnaires that have been based on the Process and Enterprise Maturity Model management assessment tool. This tool is described in the article called The Process Audit written by Michael Hammer and published by Harvard Business Review in 2007.

The prepared questionnaires focus on the beer production activities that belong to production operations management, also called MES layer. This framework is originated by ANSI/ISA and the activities are Detailed Production Scheduling, Production Resource Management, Product Definition Management, Production Execution, Production data Collection, Production Performance Analysis, Production Tracking and Production Dispatching.

A methodology to assess the maturity level of brewery business processes i


This project comes up due to the fact that Joost Roldaan, Manager of the section Process Control & Utilities from the Heineken Supply Chain Group, wanted to have a system, a procedure to be able to determine the required level of process automation & IT for a brewery. And he needed a person, a student in this case, to perform this project. Therefore, as I was looking for a company to carry out the Master’s Thesis work for the MSc in Production Engineering and Management (at Royal Institute of Technology), we decided that I could move from Sweden to Holland, join Heineken and carry out th is task. It has been my first experience in a company and as far as I am concerned, I think it has been a great opportunity for me to realize how a big and vast company like Heineken International works day by day. Personally, it has been a very positive experience, I have learnt a lot and honestly, I hope my stay has helped contributing to the development of this project. There have been designed the foundations for the project as well as important steps have been taken. But still, the development must continue.

There are several ways to learn and understand how the work is done in a company. One solution is to read reports, read books, papers and even find information in the net. That is necessary and fine. However, there is something else that should be done. In this case, for this research the most direct and effective way to understand how things are done at Heineken is by meeting people that work in different areas and different de partments. Therefore, I want to thank the following people that helped me proceeding this study. I would like to thank Joost Roldaan (Manager Process Control & Utilities, Supply Chain Group). Joost has been my supervisor, the sponsor of this project and the person that made my stay at Heineken possible. Thanks for the support, coach, confusing feedback and wise advices.

Ingrid Kokkelink (Reporting Analyst from the Group Supply Chain Control), Ingrid explained to me Heineken’s business drivers and how Heineken International is organized worldwide. In addition, how different sites report to OpCo’s, OpCo’s to Regions and Regions to the World corporate. She showed how a big company like Heineken is strategically controlled and guided by the Manufacturing Star.

Chris Versteegh (Engineer Policy & Eng. Quality Manager from the Group Supply Chain Policies). Joost and I met several times Chris and we had some discussions regarding the objective of the project and how to...
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