Heimlich Maneuver

Topics: Oxygen, First aid, Henry Heimlich Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: January 16, 2011
No one honestly can tell when an emergency is about to take place. But that does not mean no one cannot be prepared for it either. A couple days ago my best friend started choking on the school’s lunch. That could only mean two things, Walton County’s lunch is just as well dangerous as repulsing and my friend only had 5 minutes till she died. No one around her knew a way to help her. But there’s this thing called the Heimlich maneuver that solves the problem. The Heimlich Manuever is an emergency technique designed to dislodge food or other objects that may be blocking a person’s airway. Too bad no one knew it in time..but don’t worry she’s alive. The first thing you want to do if you’re caught up in that type of situation is to see if the person is actually choking. An actual choking person with a completely blocked airway will not be able to speak and respond to questions of concerns. A choking person will be unable to cough out the food or object blocking their airway. In severe cases, this will lead to cyanosis or the bluish discoloration of the body, such as the lips and fingernails due to lack of oxygen. Most victims will have their hands around their throat with suffering and panicked expression. If the person is choking, you want to help them to a standing position while keeping place behind the victim with legs apart to keep balance. Then make a fist with your dominant hand and place it above the victim’s belly button and wrap your other hand around this fist; doing this will ensure a secure grip while keeping the victim from falling. As soon as you do that, make quick upward thrusts on the victim’s abdomen. One of the most important parts of the maneuver is performing this step in a way similar to the letter "J" so as to force the obstruction out of the airway. The thrusts should be quick but not too forceful. Too much power may cause damage to the victim’s ribcage. You should do the technique several times until the victim starts coughing and/or...
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