Topics: Firearm, Open carry, Government Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Gun control

In the PSP game store, fans always can see the majority of games are related about shooting games; this phenomenon is not weird because Americans are permitted to own guns. However, the shooting happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School stimulates people to consider about the rightness of gun control. In recent days, the most journalisms doubt about the Constitution's decision of gun control brings people safety finally? Although these people hold some reasonable opinion, they still cannot convince me to support to abolish the gun ownership.

Firstly, some think if people have no guns, the crimes rate will be decreased rapidly. Greg McCune's collects the data that a mount of people dead because of shootings in his article about ''Gun type used in Sikh shootings in other attacks.'' (①Greg McCune, Tue Aug 7, 2012). Unfortunately, it is too narrow for people to against gun control by reading this information. In fact, in America, crimes not only include the shootings, but also some others, like car accidents, stealing and etc. Even if people are not allowed to own guns, the crimes would decrease obliviously, because not the guns kill people which means people kill some one by their emotion and spirit. Once they have no guns, they still can use other tools or weapons to attack others. Then, people still get hurt by criminals. Therefore, banning the gun ownership may decrease the shootings, but it still cannot guarantee the whole kinds of crimes will decrease.

Moreover, people disagree using and controlling guns because they believe if no guns exited people could feel safer and then the country would be more harmonious with less fearlessness. However, some people still think Americans are not civilized enough, and people' wealth have too much gaps from others. For example, from Wikipedia②, the information about Swiss shows its crimes are lowest in the world, but they are still permitted to control guns. It is well-known that the economy in Swiss is...
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