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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Dishwashing Liquid
History of Dishwashing Liquid
* Soap was used for cleaning until 1916, when there was a shortage of fats needed to produce it during World War I. Because there was still a need for a cleaning product, synthetic versions were invented, which are now known as detergents. There was also a movement towards using detergents because there was a need for a cleaning agent that did not leave behind a residue as soap did, especially on fabric. Upon their appearance, detergents became common products for cleaning dishes and clothing. While many people still used regular soap, by 1953 most households were using detergents. History of Hibiscus

* The hibiscus has had a long history of use in Africa and neighboring tropical countries. Its fragrant flowers have been used in sachets and perfumes. Fiber from H. sabdariffa has been used to fashion rope as a jute substitute and the fleshy red calyx is used in the preparation of teas, drinks, jams and jellies, and the leaves have been used like spinach. The plant is used widely in Egypt for the treatment of cardiac and nerve diseases and has been described as a diuretic. It has been used in the treatment of cancers. The mucilagenous leaves are used as a topical emollient in Africa. In western countries, hibiscus flowers are often found as components of herbal tea mixtures. * Hibiscus is a native of the Old World, but is now distributed throughout the tropics. This plant is an erect, much branched, smooth shrub, 1 to 4 meters in height. The leaves are ovate and 7 to 12 centimeters long, with coarsely toothed margins. The flowers are solitary, axillary, very large, about 10 centimeters long, and 12 centimeters in diameter. The calyx is green and about 2 centimeters long, with ovate lobes. The petals are red, orange, or rose white, obovate, rounded, and imbricate. The staminal tube is slender and longer than the corolla. There are many hybrids of different colored, simple flowers in addition to a few...
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