Heels: High-heeled Footwear

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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All about Heels
“Heel you go”

Company Vision:
“To be the pioneer Philippine company to offer the country a shop focused on high-heeled shoes”

“We dedicate ourselves to offering the Philippine market a variety of supreme-quality, durable, unique and very stylish high-heeled shoes from prominent shoe brands in the country”

Marketing Mix

Brand Name: “All about Heels”

The concept of the shop is to gather and make-available; top-quality high-heeled shoe brands present in the local market, and provide a one-stop-shop for high heeled shoes. The concept was created to cater to women whose preferences are within the high-heeled shoes criterion. It provides convenience since the store offers shoes with all types of heels (platforms, stilettos, kitten heels, wedges…) perfect to fit any occasion.

Target Market:
The target market for this concept, are females between the ages of seventeen to twenty nine years old within the Makati central business district. This age group usually include: college students and young professionals who use high-heeled types of shoes for school, corporate, social affairs and more… we practically cater to the higher end of the market since they are more active with social affairs and are more able to purchase shoes at a much more frequent basis.

Point of Consumption:
We would not want to be like any other retail shop which positions itself in areas where most people could consume our offerings. We would want to establish ourselves and make a statement that we are not just any typical shoe shop. We are a shoe shop that is unique, vibrant, high class and are realistically present to answer their desire to conveniently purchase high-heeled shoes. Greenbelt five fits the type of lifestyle and market that we would like to cater. It is a prime lifestyle center that carries the most prominent brands locally and internationally. It houses primarily the best local showcase of talents in terms of manufacturing,...