Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, Hedonism Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Hedonistic Society
As a Hedonist would say, there is no doubt that pleasure is good. Whether the pleasure is emotional or physical ;whether we get this pleasure through taste, touch, sight, scent, or hearing ;it makes no difference. Pleasure is always enjoyable. In fact the words pleasure and good are often times interchangeable. Both descriptions have a positive connotation. But while pleasure is undoubtedly good, what is death to a Hedonist? What is death to a whole Hedonistic society? There are several book out there that talk about hedonism and dystopia. "Feed", written by M.T. Anderson, is a book that talk about a society in which the American government controls the society by engaging them to use a devise called the "FEED". The feed provides the individual with technology so advanced, easy and pleasurable to use, to search for information about any subject without even moving a single finger. Individuals with the feed can also send messages without typing nor reading since its will speak to them. Lastly it is the biggest marketing in the world, allowing the client to buy anything they desire. While in "Fahrenheit 451", written by Ray Bradbury, is a book in which society is foreshadowed into the future to be a dystopia. Like in "Feed", the government has taken over the whole American society. Although citizens are allowed to do anything that pleases them, reading anything other than instruction manuals and opposing the government is illegal. Even though the books are set in different time periods, they share the same view towards death, for both the person dying and the people left behind.

First, how is death viewed in "Feed"? Who wouldn't think that death would bring sorrow to people in this society? Since it seems to be a wonderful place full of advanced technology. But as expressed in the quote "She said, 'Yeah. You know, I think death is shallower now. It used to be a hole you fell into and kept falling. Now it's just a blank'" (Anderson 145), said...
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