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Topics: Happiness, Personal life, Nutrition Pages: 39 (1022 words) Published: November 11, 2014
Pros and Cons of Being a Hedonist Eater
            Eating anything I want at any time I want is the way I live my life no matter the consequences. Hedonism describes my eating habits because I eat anything that gives me pleasure no matter what the circumstances. According to Dictionary.com the definition of “hedonist” is “a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit of pleasure and self-gratification”. By following the idea of Hedonism, I eat for pleasure and not to conform to societies’ view of perfection, I eat for a cheaper cost, but the cons of this lifestyle can be detrimental to health.             One pro of eating Hedonist style is a happier, more meaningful life. Today’s society is so hung on the idea of good and bad foods that they forget to actually enjoy food. Food is a wonderful part of life that should be enjoyed every time you eat. If I sell out to what societies view of happy is, then what is the point of being happy? Food releases endorphins, a chemical inside the brain used for pleasure, so there must be some use for selecting food we like. Eating food I don’t care for is just another way to mold our look so society will look at us. Why should I care what society thinks? It’s my body and it’s my decision on what I want to eat. Our whole country is founded on the belief of having independent choices in our lives. Today, we view celebrities as models of how to live our lives. Not everyone should sell out to look like a Hollywood star. I choose to eat what I desire because certain foods make me happy and I believe in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.             Another pro of Hedonism is food is cheaper and better. Good food can be a lot cheaper than “healthy foods”. A two liter of soda costs 99 cents where as a bottle of water cost over two dollars. Why would I pay extra for something I will not enjoy? The logic behind the idea of eating healthy is completely absurd. Not only do I save money, but I enjoy the food I’m eating. Also, in most restaurants, salads cost just as much as a regular entrée. If society wants me healthy, wouldn’t they make healthy foods more accessible than foods that bring us pleasure? There is no reason to sacrifice happiness and pleasure for a mediocre lifestyle with little chance of being viewed highly in the nation. I have given up hope for being viewed highly due to my dieting habits. I prefer to focus on being a better person and enjoying life because life is short and should be enjoyed to the fullest. Life is way too short to try and be a reflection of perfection. Instead, focus on what really matters in life. Such as, friendships, relationships, family, religion, and whatever else makes you happy in life. Like most things in life though, Hedonist society has down falls.             One reason pleasure eating is not viewed highly is the health effects. We all know the horror stories of McDonalds and Taco Bell. Pleasure eating does have serious health implications if you abuse the power of free will. Obesity is an epidemic in our country of people choosing to pleasure eat. Then again, this is the great part about our nation. We have free will on our bodies. Again though, abusing the power of pleasure can lead to an early exit from our happy life. Alabama is ranked as the second fattest state in America, behind Mississippi. Why is this? Honestly, it is because of Hedonism. In the south, we take pride in our fried chicken and sweet tea. We pleasure eat in the south because of our history and tradition of cooking. This is the answer to why we are overweight.             Another negative of Hedonism is the judgment passed on to pleasure eaters. Even if it is not morally correct, people do judge in our society. Hedonists, like myself, are viewed as sloppy, careless people with no motive to be healthy. Today’s society frowns against the idea of doing what I want because they want me to look just like everybody else. Anyone who tries to be themselves is frowned...
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