Hedonic and Utilitarian Needs

Topics: Television, Marketing, Television set Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Utilitarian and Hedonic Needs
How Companies Attract Consumers of Utilitarian and Hedonic Products Melvin Johnson
Professor Sersland
MKTG 310
December 1, 2012

While it is fair to say we purchase goods because of their functionality and overall usage, we can also say we purchase goods simply because they make us feel good. This paper will demonstrate how two different companies use their websites to attract buyers of utilitarian products and hedonic needs products. An explanation will be given as to why each product falls within its respected category and the overall effectiveness of how the products websites ability to influence shoppers attitudes.

The companies chosen to demonstrate utilitarian needs and hedonic needs are LG and Axe – Men’s Hair, Deodorant, Body Spray, and Shower Gel. Each company has many products to offer consumers however this paper will only look at LG’s televisions as utilitarian need and Axe’s shower gel as a hedonic need. “When we focus on a utilitarian need, we emphasize the objective, tangible attributes of products” (Solomon, pg 132). LG’s 84” Ultra High Definition 3D TV meets the requirements as it boasts attributes such as Ultra HD 4K Resolution, LED Plus, TruMotion 240Hz, and Intelligent Sensor (LG.com, 2012) to name a few. These are all tangible attributes that allow the viewer gain a high level of functionality from the television set. The consumer who purchases this television is concerned sound and picture quality and is looking for a multi-functional set to satisfy their needs. On the other hand, a hedonic needs products designed to “meet our needs for excitement, self-confidence, or fantasy” (Solomon pg 132). Axe’s shower gel can be seen as a utilitarian product however it is marketed as a hedonic needs product. Since its inception, Axe has always promoted its products on the basis of men smelling good to attract women. This approach takes the...
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