Hedda Gabler

Topics: Hedda Gabler, Henrik Ibsen, English-language films Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Hedda Gabler is a woman that is stuck in her time striving for independence and power by molding human destiny. Hedda was trapped and struggle against the society. The setting of the play is set in Tesman’s villa where the furniture is constantly moved around revealing the wealth and status of Hedda. Symbols are used throughout the play; one is power, which Hedda manipulated the surrounding around her. Hedda is aware of the power she holds, and uses her knowledge of power to attempt to ruin the lives of other characters. However, Hedda’s lust for power is the downfall for her.

The setting is a major symbol of the play. During the play, the room stays the same, but the furniture is being moved around. The room symbolic power for Hedda because everything Hedda does is within the room. The room also hangs a portrait of General Gabler observing Hedda. Hedda is the General’s daughter and this give Hedda superiority over other characters. In the beginning, Hedda’s power is shown when she orders to convert the guest room into a dayroom. Also, Hedda wanted the piano to be moved and the next act, the piano was moved by her husband. Ironically, Hedda’s power is limited only to the room because she is trapped in there. There is a glass door in the room. The reason for it begin glass is because glass is transparent and it allows Hedda to see outside; however, Hedda can only see, but can not leave the room. Judge Brack was the only character to enter from the glass door because of his class and the fact that he is male. All the other characters such as Aunt Julia and Mrs. Elvsted does not enter or exit through the glass door. This reinforces the fact that she is stuck in her world within the glass door, and that she could see it, but can not go through it.

The furniture of the play gives Hedda a sense of control over her territory. An example of the furniture and character setting would be the way where Hedda sat herself by the stove when she was having two different...
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