Hector: Writing and Essay

Topics: Writing, Essay, Better Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Hector Marin
Senior Portfolio

During our third period language apps, the class had to configure a KWL chart which helped on writing good essays. Brainstorming is a big step in beginning a good essay because one can write a lot of facts and details to put in throughout the paper. There are certain things I have a hard time starting because I want it to be well written for the reader to be entertained. Essays can always be improved, the better structure, vocabulary, and great punctuations shows the reader it is a good essay. When writing an essay there are proper forms in order to be a well written essay. A big issue that I come across is starting the introduction paragraph, because this paragraph draws the reader’s attention. Trying to reel in a reader takes a strong paragraph to entertain him or her to keep their attention throughout the essay. Having a strong introduction shows the reader that this is a well written essay. Keep in mind a thesis is needed at the end of the paragraph to show the reader if you are for it or against the prompt. Writing a good essay takes time and patients to adjust the right structure. Organizing an essay helps the reader focus on the topic correctly. Using correct punctuation and strong vocabulary keeps the reader entertained throughout the essay. Having a counter argument and a rebuttal shows the reader the pros and cons of your argument and makes him or her understand why you agree or disagree with the prompt. Also, citing facts is a number one thing to keep the reader’s attention. Knowing the true facts behind your argument makes the reader understand the reality of the negative and the positive of one’s prompt. All in all, there should always be editing in essays to make them sound more professional. A major problem I have is starting the introduction and organizing my essay. With improving these two issues, my papers will sound more professional. Having a well written essay and citing facts can persuade the reader...
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