Hector and the Search for Happiness

Topics: Happiness, Term, Time Pages: 3 (636 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Hector and the Search for Happiness Questions
1. Under 12 what made me happy?
* Being surrounded by people
* Playing sports(especially softball)
* Making friends
* Spending time with my parents
* Going to my grandparents’ house
* Dogs
* Big family dinners
* Christmas
* Summer months
* Going to camp
* Trying new things
* Being active
* Going to Seattle Mariner games
* Husky football games
I love and cherish every moment I spent on the ball field over the years, you ask about when I was happy playing softball and my response would have to be always. Sure, not everything went perfectly, we didn’t win every game and I definitely made some mistakes out there but behind the plays itself I was always happy. I was happy and grateful I got to go out and play. I remember my first all-star selection when I was about 9. Little league season was just about to end and when I got home my dad sat me down and told me that I was selected to compete with the best players around my area in a two week long tournament. I was so happy, it was the first year all-star selections were a possibility for me because I was finally old enough; I was just so happy to be recognized and couldn’t wait to put on a uniform that said all-star across the chest. 2. Now, what makes me happy

* Going to church- joy
* Working with kids
* Serving people in need- joy
* Coffee dates- pleasure
* Working at camps- joy
* Volunteering with Special Olympics- joy
* Playing softball & soccer- joy
* Traveling- pleasure
* Being active- pleasure/ content
* Meeting new people- joy
* Learning new things- joy
* Trying new things- pleasure
* Working out- content
* Getting better at things I already do- pleasure
The question between long term and short term difference, I believe the two are equal. If I am happy in the short term then that carries into the long term. Sure there...
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