Topics: Virtue, Value, Friendship Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: March 2, 2013
My top three values were family, friendship and companionship and recognition. I am not surprised that family is one of my top three values because I value family all the top and everywhere and because of its unconditional love and support they give, Always being able to count on them to help me thru the tough times. Being able to call on them at any hour of the day or night and they drop what they are doing just to help me or get me out of any trouble I may have gotten myself into. Friendship and companionship are too things I always try to give and not forget about them. By doing this task I was able to prove to myself that I have them in me. Friendship and companionship is really a major meaningful thing to have in anybody’s life, because you always need that one person who is far away, out of your zone to let the creativity scream out of yourself, a person who knows not to cross that red line, as what family attends to do a lot of times also because if you are in a bad mood friends are always a good choice to cheer you and make you happy. Friends are just people who help me; others feel worthwhile. Everyone should make friends as you can share your secrets, problems. So you see friendship is really important for me. Very glad it turned out to be one of my top things I value the most out of myself and life. Recognition is something I did not accept to have; especially in one of my top three things I value the most, definitely unaware and unexpected. Doing this task shocked me a little, just with finding out how much I value recognition. Now I can absolutely say, recognition is something I value quite much, everyone wants to know they are a valued, importuned, needed, and recognized, and then recognition is just it. Hard to say but, in reality, when a person is rewarded with something not easy to achieve and worked really hard for it, then the people around you automatically have got and gained, respect for you, which you need everywhere you go to make it...
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