Heaven vs. Hell

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In my heaven, there will be a peaceful, respectful, relaxing, optimistic, equal and fun filled atmosphere filled with music. "Enjoying the simple things in life" will be the overall feel.

The beach and ocean are extremely relaxing places for me. Any beach will do the trick... but no matter where I am I will always be reminded of my nights spent at the beach in North Carolina. That vacation has become a part of who I am. Every summer we make the ten hour drive and every single minute spent in that car is worth that week at the beach. The week is spent with friends and family sharing laughter and fun. Sailing on my Uncle's boat, Never Say Never, is definitely a highlight... (especially when he lets me drive it). The days are relaxing, care-free and fun, while the nights spent on the top deck of the house looking out at the stars over the beach is one of the most peaceful things I have ever witnessed.

Music and photography are two of my personal passions, and my Heaven is filled with those two things. Other than the simple enjoyment of the two passions, my favorite part about them is that they bring people together. Some of my best friends have been made through the common interest of photography or music. To witness a live band perform, whether it is your first time or your hundredth, is a completely incredible experience. From the moment the lights go down and the band steps on stage the crowd, no matter how big or small, come together as one even if it is for a short 40-minute set of songs. The music creates a bond between complete strangers and to hear a crowd all come together to sing the lyrics back to the band members playing them onstage is a whirlwind experience. Indoor or outdoor, big or small, band or artist: live performances of any kind are a thrilling and exciting. And if we're talking about concerts in the pouring rain... don't even get my started. Those are my favorite. In my heaven, every other concert would be in the rain. It...
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