Heatlh Care

Topics: Management, Risk management, Want Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Week 1 discussion question (07/17/12)Kyle Bowen

1. Elaborate on how leadership in your organization supports the implementation of quality or risk management programs. What seems to be effective or ineffective? What would your recommend to increase leadership support for or involvement in quality and risk management programs in your organization. Will in my work place the leadership do a great job on supporting the risk management programs by training everybody, setting up workshop to help understand the programs and seem really effective how they do lot talking and telling us how to make the programs work. I think they need to have more people educated so you can have different people talking on the subject to make more helpful for everyone. 2. Why is risk management important in organization? What benefits are gained by implementing a risk management programs? Describe challenges you see in obtaining buy in a support from staff. What are the barriers to implementing a risk management program? What would you recommend to help overcome these barriers? Very important to have risk management program at any organization because everybody will have accidents and problem that need to be control or handle proper way. The challenge of having your staff support and people tend not want to help out or don’t want to listen to the meeting or they are old school and don’t believe in change. Your staff needs to have more bonding time so they can know how everybody does certain things and can understand how to treat everybody differently so they complete the program together. 3. How does risk management assessment conducted by an organization correspond with the factors influencing risk management? Well the risk management assessment is ways to keep everything safe and not losing money. Keep the organization all on the same page and knowing the common goal so everybody can shot for it and achieve it.
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