Heating Materials Effects the Quality of Ball Mill

Topics: Materials science, Crusher Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: February 8, 2012
Materials appropriate,Vibratory feeder reasonable distribution of residual stress may be progress processing, the progress of stress erosion ability and prolong the service life of material components factors. And not appropriate residual stress will reduce processing, the stress of erosion, lose size accuracy, and even cause deformation and cracking and other early failure accident, so mechanical parts large mechanical components residual stress to the processing,Mineral impact crusher fight stress erosion ability, size not disorderly service life is very important influence. Materials heat treatment effect the quality of ball mill, function is the most important factor in service life. Heat treatment can change the ball mill stress distribution, make the material surface to form a very wide pressure stress distribution belt,Cone crusher thus it can greatly improve the actual material handling bearing capacity. The ball mill heat treatment can also change the ball mill surface CuZhuo degree,Cone crusher manufacturer and effectively remove the electrical discharge machining and produce surface metamorphism. The ball mill surface layer subtle panel organization. To shorten the cycle of ball mill produce progress ball mill quality and prolong the life of ball mill, directly or indirectly bring social benefit economic benefit uncounted Material surface to form the aggrandizement layer will improve his weary function, its reason this layer with a totally different from the matrix in stress condition and organization structure, generally speaking the material handling progress and surface strengthening of the three factors: Heat treatment process of ball mill is projectile spray into the material surface process, and the projectile spray into the surface like countless small hammer hammer blow to the surface,Ore vibrating feeder therefore, metal material surface produces extremely strong plastic deformation, make the material surface produces a certain thickness cold...
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