Heathcliff Character Sketch

Topics: Wuthering Heights, Catherine Earnshaw, Isabella Linton Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Heathcliff is an interesting individual with several adjectives that describe him. Although he has several descriptors, the majority of them are negative. Even though he is the main character in the novel, most people would agree he is negative and gloomy. In a survey that conducted by Dr. Brooks two thirds of the surveyors sympathized with Catherine rather than the one third that sympathized with Heathcliff. When asked Dr. Brooks class found it hard to give any positive adjectives to describe him. Vengeful, spiteful, crazy, cruel were among the most popular adjectives to be contributed.

Of the several adjectives that I as well as several of my classmates mentioned, vengeful was the first to make my list and was mentioned several times. I would say the popularity of this adjective would be due to the fact that story is about Heathcliff’s revenge. Most of his actions in the novel were highly motivated by his desire to get revenge. This quote is where he vows his revenge. “I’m trying to settle how I shall pay Hindley back. I don’t care how long I wait, if I can only do it at last. I hope he will not die before I do!” (Chapter 7). In this quote Heathcliff is praying that Hindley will live long enough for him to get his revenge. He wanted to be certain that Hindley saw him rise to power as he slowly takes every thing from him. I believe that vengeful is one of the best descriptors of Heathcliff.

This adjective is one that helped him in his quest for revenge, and this adjective would be abusive. He did not seem to care greatly about the well being of others; he would fling people here and there and not really care. The book even claims that Heathcliff was an abusive person. This quote confirms that Heathcliff was an abusive person “I heard him abusing poor Linton cruelly for his conduct of the night before” (Chapter 24). He did not care who gets hurt as long as he gets his revenge. “Fling her into the kitchen! I’ll kill her” (chapter 33) is a prime...
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