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Topics: Care of residents Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Distinction – Analyse the benefits of understanding diversity. When we truly understand and value diversity and correctly apply the care values, there are many additional benefits such as; empowerment, independence, inclusion, equality, respect, dignity, opportunity, access, participation and anti-discrimination practise. I am going to explain why these benefit service users and how they feel when they are treated like this in the form of a case study when I visited St. Peters Court. CASE STUDY

I went to St. Peters Court to visit and see what service users thought about the way they get treat. All service users I spoke to gave a positive answer back. I stayed for the day and saw meal times, activities and how they get handled. I learnt from this that practitioners follow the care values at all times. One service user I spoke was very fragile and needed extra support. They explained to me that the care staffs do not automatically help them; an example was in the morning when they get out of bed to get bathed and took to the lounge. The care staff offer them help, E.g. ‘Would you like help this morning to get ready and out of bed?’. This makes the service user feel empowered and doesn’t have to reply on other people to do day to day tasks like this, also this makes them feel that they have control of their own lives and that they don’t have to get other people to do anything for them. Another service user that I spoke to talked about how they got a lot of independence. They told me that staff do not interfere with basic tasks that they do. They will offer help to everyone but aim to help people that need it most. This benefits diversity as it they feel that they can do things as they wish like they would at home but have to be supervised. They explained to me that they love being able to do this. It helps them to experience that they can still do things on their own. There is a disabled service user at this residential home. Even with being disabled they told me...
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