Heart Rate Lab

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Heart Rate
Our hypothesis stated 1.) The heart rate increases substantially when a person performs a physical activity and 2.) Females have heart rates greater than males’.
In this experiment we measured the resting heart rates and exercise heart rates of both the male and females that are in the class. We calculated the results that were taken by each member of each group in the class (6 males and 16 females total). The average resting heart rate for women was 71.8 beats per minute with a Standard Deviation of 7.1 and the resting heart rate for men was 71.3 beats per minute with a Standard Deviation of 10.4. The average heart rate of the men is lower by 0.5 beats per minute than women. The exercise heart rate calculated at an average of 107.4 beats per minute with a Standard Deviation of 25.5 for the women and 109.5 beats per minute with a Standard Deviation of 16.8 for the men. The average exercise heart rate for men is 2.1 beats per minute higher than the women. With the results that were calculated for hypothesis (1), it was proven to be correct. On the average, the heart rate does increase substantially when a person performs a physical activity between both men and women. For hypothesis (2), our results showed that men have a higher heart rate than women when the exercise heart rate was calculated, concluding that our hypothesis was incorrect. It is difficult to define how much effort the subjects put into the exercise. During the experiment, I scanned each individual to see what kind of exercise that they were doing. I noticed one individual doing jumping jacks, another talking while jogging in place and another jogging in place but at a faster pace. In all that was measured, the only thing that is controllable is the regular heart rate. There was not an independent variable because none of the values can be manipulated, everything was measured. In conclusion, all of these discrepancies can rationale an inaccurate measurement causing...
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