Heart of Darkness- Marlow Obituary

Topics: Africa, The Europeans, Imperialism Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Charles Marlow

The journey to Africa deeply affected Charles Marlow upon his return to his homeland England. After witnessing many horrific crimes, behavior of the Europeans, and treatment of the African settlers, Marlow suffered from immense emotional and mental pain. He dealt with mental illness and he endured a mental breakdown due to the immense pressure and emotional issues as a result of his experience in Africa and return to England. Marlow succumbed to his mental

illness and consequently took his own life.
Marlow attended a small school in England where he completed a few years of schooling. He was an intelligent man with a great work ethic. Marlow took his talents outside of the classroom and focused on his work. He took a position as a riverboat captain with a Belgium trading company. Marlow served as the captain of a steamboat. He lived with his aunt in England, whom he loved dearly.

Marlow was incredibly intelligent and had a strong desire to explore Africa. As a young child he had an immense fascination with the globe. From a very young age Marlow wished to explore the unknown continent and navigate the deadly, snake-like river. He had always had great dreams of exploration. Marlow did not necessarily desire to partake in the European

Imperialistic efforts in Africa; however, he saw this venture of Imperialism as an ideal opportunity to fulfill his childhood dreams of exploration. Charles lost the majority of his family at an early age. His aunt that he lived with is the sole survivor of his family.

His outlook on imperialism was evident through his disagreement with his aunt’s claim that he will function as “…an emissary of light, something like a lower sort of apostle” in Africa (Conrad 113). The parallel that is drawn between an apostle of Jesus and the European explorers is rather absurd, yet it reflects the European ideas during that time period. Marlow was quick to dispel his...
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