Heart of Darkness: Demoralization of Native Africans

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  • Published : February 6, 2011
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Heart of Darkness Journal 2
The native Africans are once again demoralized throughout this section of the novel. The are looked upon as less than the white explorers. They are constantly judging the native on the most miniscule aspects almost as though the amplify the common things flaws that everyone have just because they aren’t the same. One native is shot dead and even as he lays dying he doesn’t mutter a sound. The narrator mentions that they do not speak much this could possible lead to the fact that they are absolutely terrified by these people and find that not talking would get them in less talking or it could also show that the Europeans don’t notice their talking because they believe they are that superior to them. There is a lacking sense of morality in the second section of the novel. The manager and his uncle plot how to hang Kurtz and/is his Russian assistant. As they further progress into the congo “The heart of darkness” Marlow notices that the crew begins to change behaviors. They go from the civilized state of mind gradually into a more barbaric one. This leads to the idea that as the English some into the country and try to change them to be more sophisticated they are instead reverted back to natural tendencies themselves.

Marlow himself begins to get delusional later in the voyage. Although he was capable of noticing the rest of the crew’s bizarre behavior he isn’t invincible to the jungles effects. Because he is the one recapping this story we know that he can’t die during the story however this could foreshadow something terrible happening to him and the crew.

Marlow’s pure infatuation with Kurtz is a large part of this section. Conrad only gave an actual name to Kurtz and Marlow which signifies that they are the most significant characters in the story. This could also mean that they are connected. Kurtz and Marlow seem to be the most intelligent people in this novel. However Kurtz begins to become hard to understand as they...
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