Heart Is a Lonely Hunter Essay

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  • Published : January 5, 2008
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Throughout human history, humans have always interacted with each other in order to make a better society. In Carson McCullers' novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, McCullers portrays the people in the society to be lost, and confused. Dr. Copeland, Mick, Jake, and Biff, the four people representing society are all lost in many different ways. These people need comfort, and they would go to Singer. However, Singer is deaf and doesn't talk much, but listens. Through Singer's disability to talk, he becomes a source of relief for the four characters. It is through Singer's interaction with these four characters that we are able to look at Singer's relationship with society.

Even though John Singer is deaf, he can still read lips. However, Singer must do so in a very attentive way. Through Singer's lip reading, many people believe that Singer is concerned. Biff, a very observant bartender, described Singer's way of reading lips when Biff saw Singer's "eyes made a person think that he heard things nobody else had ever heard, that he knew things no one had ever guessed before" (McCullers 25). Through the way that Singer communicates with people, many people feel that Singer truly cares. The four lonely characters all have trouble in communicating with society. Because of their trouble communicating with society, they feel left out so they turn to Singer. For example, Dr. Copeland has problems communicating with his family since his ideals alienate him from his community. Dr. Copeland, an affluent black doctor who believes in Communism, believes that "the whole Negro race was sick. The black race is crucifying itself on the cross" (McCullers 81). Because of his dogma, Dr. Copeland finds nobody to turn to in society. Through this loneliness, Dr. Copeland turns to Singer, the only person that seems to understand. As exemplified by Dr. Copeland, many other people go to Singer for help. From this, Singer gets a reputation of being the "counselor"....
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