Heart Disease in America

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Heart Disease in America

Team D (Jessica Chavis, Pamela McClary, Pamela Stevenson & LaRicia Garrett)


January 7, 2011
Larrell Wilkinson

Heart Disease in America

A general term to describe the functional and health ability of the heart muscles is called heart disease. The circulatory system, veins, and arteries work together to form the heart muscle. In the United States, a major cause of disability stated by The American Heart Association is heart disease and the leading cause of death. Complete bed rest and little hope were prescribed for individuals with heart diseases in the 1900s’. In 1915 doctors and social workers studied and researched heart diseases. In the 1920’s, the question of “can individuals with heart disease go back to work?” Physicians in New York and Boston began to study this thought. In a few major cities, small heart association organizations started with these studies. Many studies were performed by these organizations to explain how to treat heart diseases. A national organization was formed in 1948, The American Heart Association. This organization provides education and research on managing and preventing heart diseases to the public as well as the medical community. A successful attempt to fight heart disease will require a partnership among policy makers, patients, physicians, administrators, nurses, and emergency service personnel (American Heart Association).


One solution to fight heart disease is to quit smoking. Smokers have almost double the risk of a non-smoker. Smokers are more likely to suffer a heart attack. A second solution would be to have control on cholesterol levels. A diet with low saturated fats and low cholesterol intake will help reduce the risk of heart disease. Being active is another way to aid in the fight against heart disease. Excess weight can put a strain on the body’s heart; in turn causing heart disease. Individuals not exercising have...
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