Heart: Definition and Life

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What is your definition of success? Before you can achieve success, you need to define what success means to you. Unless you have a clear vision of what success is to you, you cannot work towards it. Success means different things to different people. For some, monetary reward is a measure of success. Yet others have multiple definition of success. 1. The Different Areas

They measure it across a few areas. It can be career, health, spiritual, emotional, time or financial. As an example, one can be successful in one’s career but not emotionally. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive - so you can add areas that are relevant to you. |

To find your own definition of success you need to dig deep within yourself and question your values in life. What are your strengths andweaknesses? What are the things that are important to you? By answering these questions you can then come closer to your own definition of success. Be aware that this can be a long process. You may not get the answers so quickly. But it is alright. Define your measure of success, one at a time. Let’s take your career as an example. What would your definition of success be for your career? To make the managerial level by a specified time? Then dig deep to see what are your own strengths and weaknesses. Which would help you achieve it. Which of your weakness is a barrier, and does it go against your values? For me, I value time with my family. However, my work requires me to work late nights and long hours. I will need to adjust my own definition of success. Which would take priority? 2. It Is A Journey

When defining your success, remember this important thing. Success is a journey. It has multiple peaks and not one ultimate pinnacle. One success builds on another. Setbacks and mistake will also help you build success. At different periods of your life, success is defined differently. In our career, at a more junior level, your success can be defined by exceeding your job requirements or getting a promotion. Or success can be defined in a few respects. They can be: 1. Your relationship with your boss;

2. Your relationship with your peers;
3. Your dealing with other departments; and
4. Your learning curve.
You may add other areas as you move up the corporate ladder. One of my definitions of success in my career at this point - is the number of staff I mentor to higher levels within my industry. When they achieve a certain level of skills and knowledge and are respected by clients, business partners and industry peers – I have achieved some amount of success as far as my career is concerned. Therapists Spill: My Definition of Success

In the fall, clinician Joyce Marter and her husband hosted their friends for a dinner party at their Chicago home. Among the couples — all in their 40s with school-aged kids — conversation turned to the adventures of parenting and the tricky stage of adolescence. This sparked a dialogue about how they gauge success. Marter’s knee-jerk reaction was to say that success excludes dicey circumstances such as driving under the influence or dropping out of school. “Thankfully, I quickly regrouped from this position of fear-based and judgmental thinking and realized I do not truly believe any of those experiences or other life challenges mean somebody has failed or is not successful,” she said. Hardships make us human and give us the opportunity to grow, she said. None of us is perfect or remains unscathed in life. Marter’s guests offered myriad definitions, everything from education to prosperity to resiliency to health to happiness. So what is success? What does being a success look like? Below, Marter and other clinicians spill their views on success. According to Marter, also owner of the counseling practice Urban Balance, success is authenticity and mindfulness. Success is to live life openly, authentically, and lovingly in a way that is aligned with the highest good of self and others....
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