Heart and Stress Results

Topics: Heart, Fight-or-flight response, Stress Pages: 4 (980 words) Published: March 2, 2013

What is Stress?
Stress can be defined as negative concept (Mental symbol use in denoting classes of things) which possesses the potential to influence a person’s psychological and physical wellness (Wikipedia: 2012) Stress can also be described as normal but physical responses to conditions, events, occurrences, situations which try to deprive us of our balance in anyway. For example, when somebody senses danger whether real or imagined, the body mechanism of defences immediately kicks into action fight or flight reaction or the stress response. (Smith Et al: 2012). Although, stress is generally bad for the health, in few instances it helps people to perform under pressure and motivate people to do their best. Stress responses is the body’s defences mechanism. It helps us stay focus, energetic and alert. Stress can help save lives in emergences; it prompts us to slam the break to avoid accident. It keeps on our toes during presentation at work and also helps us to meet challenges and sharpens our concentration and drives us to study for examination rather than doing something else. Stress can affect the body mind and our behaviours in many ways and everyone experiences stress differently. Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Not being able to relax, feelings that something needs to be done. Having a hump in the throat area
Feeling frustrated because we are unable to make to make decisions Having poor concentration
Inability to sleep
Feeling of committing suicide
Having increased pulse rate
Experiencing weight loss and changes in bowel habit
Drinking too much alcohol, coffee in excess
Inability to ingest food properly (Dr Henderson R: 2007)

General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)
This is a theory of stress that states that any event which threatens an organism’s wellness is called Stressor. This produces 3 stages of response namely: Stage1: Alarming Stage
This is the stage where we encounter a stressor. At this stage the body react to either flight or...
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