Heart and Soul( Essay and Poetry)

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Vals Poetry
by passionetpoet at 8/16/2009 11:38:08 AM

10) A Kiss
A kiss is a moment in time,
Lingering with every sensation,
A letter not mere words,
A song rhythmic in proportion,
Somber, melodic, vibrant in sound,
Meaningful, promising of loves tomorrow,
Not lies or maybes,
Something like love
Take time and energy,
And most of all,
Like unto a kiss.
Val R Heike

19) Window Sill
There upon a ledge the fly rests,
starring through the glass,
the world beyond beckons,
the silent clamor of living things
become the want of the life the fly and I seek.
When alone on a mountain being gay loneliness is beyond pain. The fly and I dream of the pleasure of belonging,
and of love of a mate,
and the words, no longer shutout,
no longer alone,
and to feel the warmth of being whole.
Val K Heike

21) Twilight
Stars blinking,
The great spirit controls the heavens,
You like the brightest star burns deep, in my heart.
One with you, my hand in yours,
I say my prayers, wishing upon a star,
Twilight star bright, this I pray,
Great spirit guard her,
I give you my life, she has my heart,
She is all I ever want,
Barbara you honor me!
With this heart in your hands,
Ready to die, your tears mine,
My days, nights yours,
Twilight star bright,
White Wolf.
Val Heike
Copyright ©2008 Val Heike

24) Goose calls... Falls Here!
Wrote at Wagon Trail Resort in 1998,in Door County,Wisconsin The air fills with smells leaves dropping to the ground,
tourist buying this and that, Sales here and there,
Aramark's employees in the Shenandoah National Park,
Counting days till the end of this 2004 season,
Those of us in the valley recalling the warmth gone,
Soon the we roll back the clocks,
Pounding to think, what happened this year,
I fell in and out of love,
Started school for Graphic Design,
Lost my car, job, heart,
Went to Wisconsin in February,
Lost a baby,
Nothing stops the calls of fall,
Leaning against a tree, looking up, flying in formation,
hearing ,waiting, "Honk, Honk," there it is.
over head can be heard, Goose Calling Cadence. Falls here!
Val Heike
Copyright ©2008 Val K Heike
25) My Love
My love rises when I’m sick, grabs her jeans,
Jumps in snow boots, brushes by me, keys in hand;
as I turn her whispers in the air around my head,
love you, I Love You!
The middle of the room caught, my stolen white pine,
Christmas poor in our home,
our love enriched our home,
my lover, my girl,
my heart.
Val K Heike
26) The Future
Laying upon the ground my eyes ride the clouds,
Memories of yesterdays truth burn within my mind,
yesterdays tear stains my sorrowful face,
Still jobless yet within a poets world I'm O.K.
I see more for my tomorrow
Words like I love you but not in that way,
I have had three women try to steal a warriors peace.
Only in paper I am Whitewolf Americas Heritage,
A living history farm,
No one steals the thunder my future holds.
No dark cloud sits upon my horizon.
Only I hold my destiny in my hands.
That is my future.
Val Heike
Copyright ©2008 Val K Heike
27) The Stain Glass
Written for the good folks in the bible study group at “Church of Christ in Luray, Virginia It rests in our hearts. The colors and tints are held in
their smiles, It's George, the Blind retired Doctor Holding my hands, Glad that I came to Bible Study, It's Doc Martin
in his Pride of His Doctorate of Veterinarian Medicine, and his wonderful tales, It's Carol and Bud Smith happiness to
take me to church. It's the warmth of a Banker from Page
Valley going home after church so that he can drive back in his old truck to take me and a bike home. Our Stain Glass in Christ's Church no more lovely then our Pastor, Father
Daniel Robio, It's the little choir sometimes only
numbering in single digits. It is all the parishioners at
the Epistcal church in Luray, VA. And not...
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