Heart and Lung

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the esaay of heart
Delmar's Heart & Lung Sounds
Institutional Version
Network Setup

Getting Started

First, review "System Requirements" noted below.

To install setup files to the network, run SETUP.EXE from the CD-ROM disk.

The setup program will install files to a chosen main directory on a network drive, Delmar Heart Lung by default. The installer must have supervisory rights to this directory. Two main files, HLAdminSetup.exe and HLWorkStationSetup.exe, will be copied to the selected location. See "Network Rights" below for more information.

Next, install the Heart & Lung Sounds Network Administration program by running HLAdminSetup.exe on a workstation accessible by the instructor or lab coordinator. This program may be installed on more than one workstation.

Heart & Lung Sounds Network Administration

Install and run the Heart & Lung Sounds Network Administration program to setup the file location where the CD-ROM content has been shared. This may be a shared CD-ROM drive or files may be copied to a network folder.

Use the "Browse" button to select the proper folder. If using a mapped drive letter, students must have the same mapped drive. To use UNC naming, scroll down in the Browse box to Network Neighborhood. Select the proper share and folder.

Sharing CD-ROM Content

The content on the CD-ROM disk must be accessible by users. The disk may be mounted in a shared CD-ROM drive or the entire content (Heart, Lung, and Heart Instructor folders) may be copied to a network hard drive.

When setting the file location for the disk content, select the root of the drive or the main content folder. DO NOT select any of the content directories themselves. For example, if you create a folder on a network share named HeartLungContent, you will copy the Heart, Lung, and Heart Instructor folders from the CD-ROM to that folder. When setting the file location, select the HeartLungContent folder and not any of the sub-folders. The path to this folder will be either \\ServerName\HeartLungContent (UNC) or V:\HeartLungContent (drive letter may be different).

Workstation Setup

Run the HLWorkStationSetup.exe file from the main network share. It is important that this share be the same for all users. The Heart & Lung Sounds main menu program loads locally on the workstation hard drive. Full installation requires about 6.5 MB of hard disk space for all four of the disks. [Uninstall the program using Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.]

To test the setup, start the program. The program checks an INI file (HeartLungNet.INI) located in the workstation program folder (c:\Program Files\Delmar Heart Lung Menu\ by default). This INI file is created during setup and marks the location of the main network folder. The program than checks an INI file (HeartLungCD.INI) located in the main network folder or the location of the content files. Once the content folder location is found, the program checks the content files to make sure it is available to the user.


If either of the INI files cannot be found the user will receive an error indicating which INI cannot be found and directing the user to contact a network administrator. If the content files cannot be found similar error message is given.

If setup is not complete, users may receive error messages indicating a problem. First, make sure users have the proper "Network Rights." Next, run the Heart & Lung Sounds Network Administration program and make sure the file location is setup for the CD-ROM content. When errors indicate an INI file, you may open the particular INI file in Notepad to make sure the file locations are correct.

Workstation INI File Not Found -- When the workstation setup is run, this INI file is written to indicate where on the network the main directory (Delmar Heart Lung) can be found. If this INI file cannot be found on the workstation (C:\Program Files\Delmar Heart Lung Menu),...
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