Healty Competency Statement 1

Topics: Hygiene, Health, Nutrition Pages: 2 (332 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Healthy Environment Competency Statement

I am competent in maintaining a healthy environment because I follow the guidelines, policies, and procedures set forth by the center. I model good health behavior and apply the knowledge that I have obtained in the following ways. * I am current in First Aide, CPR, Communicable Disease and Child Abuse Training.

* I observe the children as they enter the room to quickly assess their general health. If there are any concerns I immediately consult with the parents.

* I ensure that I post hand washing procedures, diaper instructions, emergency plans.

* I establish good health practices such as tooth brushing, serving nutritious health foods and hand washing.

* To prevent the spread of germs I wash my hands upon enter the building and I ensure each child’s hands are washed when they enter the room, prior to meals, after outside play, after sand and water play and if they are visually dirty.

* I sanitize tables before and after snacks and meals and crafts. I also sanitized any equipment or toys that has been mouthed, sneezed or coughed upon.

* I ensure that tissues, paper towels, and hand soap are in places where the children can reach them.

* I observe the children for behavioral problems such as environmental stress, especially if they are new to daycare or changes in the family and problems with individual family members.

* I promote Dental Hygiene by encouraging the children to brush their teeth and if unable to brush I have them swish and swallow water.

* I post up a list of all the children that are allergic to foods or other items to ensure they do get served or come in contact with the item.

* I use various methods of getting out health information. I post flyers and parent letters of various health issues, from informing them of flu shots, to hearing tests.

* When a child show signs of sickness and cannot continue to participate, I quarantine...
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