Healthy vs. Unhealthy Aging

Topics: Health, Medicine, Nutrition Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Healthy vs. Unhealthy Aging: Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Through Our Adult Lifespan Nicholette Inman
Org 6300: Human Development
University of the Rockies
September 7, 2011

This paper details the importance of living a healthy lifestyle as we age. If we realize this importance during our adolescence and young adulthood phase and begin to live our lives with a focus on healthiness, then as we age, we will continue to maintain that lifestyle. There are certain areas that we need to focus on in an attempt to make sure that our lifestyles are as healthy as possible. As we age, we are faced with different illnesses and diseases; however, living a healthy lifestyle that is drug free and with regular exercise, some of these illnesses can be avoided. Mental health is also a very important factor in leading a healthy lifestyle. Although there are areas in our lives that can cause us pain and sorrow, positive mental practices that we develop early in life, can assist us as we transition through the various stages of aging.

When we think about being a healthy person, we often focus on the medical aspect of our lives. Are our bodies stricken with any diseases or ailments? Are we as physically fit and mobile in our older age as we were when were younger? However, being a healthy individual and going through a healthy process of aging is more than just the medical crisis that can attach our bodies. It also encompasses our mental stability, relationships with others, our personality and intellect, our cognition, and how we perceive life as we age. As one would imagine, each area can be intertwined with another to create one dynamic of a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle.

There are both positive and negative changes that we experience as we age that can classify us as being a healthy or unhealthy adult. We take on physical changes that if not managed and monitored properly can lead to health problems. Although hearing loss and deteriorating eye sight is...
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