Healthy Mind Needs a Healthy Body

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Healthy Mind Needs a Healthy Body
We know that if we don’t have breakfast in the morning we will have an unhealthy body and it won’t function well. Warming up is very important especially in daily basis because, it helps build up our muscles and raise our heart rate. The Muscle Stretching Routine helps increase your speed and strength. Each exercise is important for any athletic routine. We should have sleep at least for 9-12 hours daily because lack of sleeping doesn’t give you a healthy brain or a healthy body. Sleeping refreshes your mind and also your brain as it helps you to concentrate well in class. Especially during exams we should sleep early because it helps you easily to remember the things you memorized before. Being on a healthy diet is good for the health, as it allows you to lose weight. Sometimes diet can be bad if you decrease the amount of food daily because it is important to have three meals daily. Healthy food contains eggs, milk, cheese and etc… Junk food contains fats which makes you gain weight if you increase the usual amount. Also being fit is part of a having a healthy body, we should always do some exercises at least run twice around the track that’s exercising your feet and it increases your running ability too. Eight minutes of exercising should be enough. So we should take care of our body and eat healthy, sleep early, and exercise daily. In that way we could make a change in ourselves and be healthy and not just that but our mind will be healthier and we will be able to think faster and our brain will work well. That’s why sleeping early, making sure we eat the right food, exercise every day, and sleep well. That’s why sleeping early, making sure we eat the right food, exercise every day, and sleep well. If you don’t follow these every day you might face some consequences in your health or even your body.

Writers said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, by the short poem they said if you eat healthy food and take...
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