Healthy Living

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  • Published : September 16, 2008
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Essay – Healthy Living
The four main, key ingredients in leading a healthy lifestyle is exercise, healthy eating, making sensible decisions when it comes to sexual behavior, as well making good choices when it comes to smoking, alcohol, and drugs. One can benefit from following these four guidelines and become a better individual, not only when it comes to your health, but also when it comes to your confidence and body image. Eating healthy is a key element in feeling good and staying in shape, a good balance in your diet is key. Intake and output levels should also be close in relation with each other, meaning the amount of food or energy you intake should equal the amount of physical activity and energy you output. A healthy diet should consist of lots of fruits and vegetable as well as meats and proteins. Sugars should be limited as well as fatty foods such as fast food. The problems with fast food are that the grease and trans fat don’t agree with your body. The excess amount of fat could lead to health concerns such as heart conditions, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and decreased metabolism.

Exercise is another key ingredient in maintaining a healthy well balanced lifestyle, the need to look good or “hot” is concentrated a lot in our society today, and the overwhelming pressure coming form the media and friends doesn’t help, teens especially, as well as people of all ages feel that they need to have an amazing body just to feel good about themselves and to fit in. It’s important to get plenty of exercise, even if something for a short time everyday, also keep in mind that too much exercise can lead to other issues, a god balance between these two extremes is a good goal. Some daily exercises you can do are: chin-ups, push-ups, yoga, and biking. Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, by doing exercises or workouts you can achieve a healthy body figure, as well as feel good about yourself. Smoking, alcohol and drugs are things that can...
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