Healthy Lifestyle

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  • Published : August 10, 2008
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What a person eats is a key part of managing and combating health diseases. Obesity is bad news for both body and mind. Not only can it make a person feel tired and uncomfortable it causes major health risks.

Eating a well balanced diet will help keep the weight down. The best way to lose weight is to change the way we think about food, exercise and our way of life. If not presently on a healthy diet, it can be difficult to start a plan. However, healthy eating is important for maintaining bodily function and living a disease free lifestyle. Struggling with healthy eating, know that breaking the unhealthy habits can be a difficult part of the process. However, wanting to live the best lifestyle is possible, it is important to follow steps in order to start eating a more healthy diet. A good beginning step is rid the home of all foods that do not fit into the healthy categories. “Remember the food pyramid” (Home and Garden, 2005,). Keep junk foods and beverages out of the house, so that there will be no temptations to snack during the day. Get a journal and write everything down before or after eating. It is amazing what people do not eat if they have to keep a record. In the journal start at the beginning by entering your weight, size and the day you start. If worried about getting hungry, keep healthy snacks like fresh cut vegetables, fruit, yogurt or whole wheat crackers on hand. Can’t stand to toss out the sweets, try keeping something on hand like chocolate chips. Eating a few of these won’t hinder the lifestyle change; cutting down its will give a little sugary fix that we all crave. An additional step to healthy eating is when first starting the practice is to take a few moments to become skilled at what foods are the healthiest, and how they work in the body. Most people realize that fruit, vegetables and low fat means healthy and that dairy products are good, but few know why. The key is...
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