Healthy Lifestyle

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Weight loss Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: March 20, 2013
The Causes lead to healthy life
People should always look after themselves, so we worry about crime and accidents, natural disasters and many other things, but what we don’t realize is that sometime we can be our own worst enemy. Our lives could be so much easier if we lead a healthy lifestyle. There are countless benefits in many areas. First of all we can establish that a healthy lifestyle by following a good diet, sleeping well and exercising. By following a good diet will helps to maintain our weight as eating well. Eating the wrong food, or simply over-eating, will lead to weight gain, and all the problems associated with it. Most people who lose weight with fad diets gain it right back again when they go back to their normal eating patterns. With a healthy diet that we maintain for life, we will lose that weight once and maintain it long term. In addition following a good diet helps we meet our nutritional needs. Our daily food intake should include some amounts of grain, fruit, vegetables, dairy and protein. The vitamins and minerals in healthy foods can boost our immune system and protect us from many common illnesses. In some cases, by eating a healthy diet can actually reduce the risks with such serious diseases as cancer and diabetes.

Furthermore, there is another aspect of healthy living that should be sleeping well for the most part we all consider sleep as a good thing to do , but we don’t really know how this activity benefits us; for one sleeping helps you repair your body, while we are asleep our body produces extra molecules that help mend the body so that the damage we suffer during the day from things such as stress , pollutants, sun exposure and so on, is repaired while we are off to dreamland. In addition, sleep helps to improve our memory; namely, when people do not have enough sleep, they cannot concentrate well the next day and have problems forming memories, researchers believe that during sleep, neurons can shut down and repair any...
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