Healthy Lifestyle

Taylor Fourcade
English 101-122
Mr. McBride
7 March 2013

Healthy living

Do you find that American people are getting bigger by the day? People have to be more aware of what is in food that is making them get big. Nowadays people are having a weak mental health mindset which is causing bad health. Another thing that causes a bad healthy life style is fast food. The unhealthiest people these days are teenagers. Teenagers these days are unhealthy because they sit inside all day and play video games. In order to become healthier, we have to do these things have a strong mental mindset and eat less fast food. One of the reasons why we are not a healthy country is because we do not have a strong mental health mindset. When people see a big, juicy hamburger people go after it. That is when a strong mental health mindset comes in and you have to say to yourself, what can this food do to you. A strong mental health has to do with a lot of discipline in your mind. For Example, people like to eat late which causes bad health. In order to be healthier you have to tell your mind not to eat late at night. A strong mental health mindset is a hard thing to do in order to become healthier. Mental health is one way to become healthy. A strong mental health mindset can cause you to eat right. People in America love fast food which is okay, but that is unhealthy. If we can have less fast food restaurants and put healthier restaurants in the country, we can have a healthier country. Fast food restaurants are starting to become healthier, but that is not good enough. They have to put more vegetables into the menus. Seventy percent of America eats at fast food restaurants. A lot of that has do with a person’s income, so they go to fast food restaurants. If the government wants people to have a healthy lifestyle, they have to make the healthy supermarkets and restaurants affordable. I think if they do that people will eat...
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