Healthy Interpersonal Relationships Worksheet

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Healthy Interpersonal Relationships Worksheet

Use your textbook to answer the following questions. You are not required to respond in essay format. You may use short-answer responses, including lists, to answer these questions.

1. What are the characteristics of intimate relationships? What are behavioral interdependence, need fulfillment, emotional attachment, and emotional availability? Why is each important in relationship development?

Behavioral interdependence- The impact we have on each other, the way we treat each other determines how we will be treated.  Need fulfillment-   Plays a role in our psychological, social, spiritual, and physical health          Intimacy- sharing feelings with each other freely          Social integration- sharing worries and concerns with each other          Nurturance- having someone to take care of us and that we can take care of          Assistance- having help in times of need

         Affirmation- reassuring us of our worth 
 Emotional attachment- feelings of love, there are many different levels of emotional attachments such as spirituality can play a big part in emotional attachment.  Emotional availability- being able to give and receive without the fear of being hurt  

2. What problems might form barriers to intimacy? What actions can you take to reduce or remove these barriers?

Some problems that might form barriers to intimacy are miscommunication, a dysfunctional family background, and jealousy. Some things we can to reduce these are trying to be more clear when you are communicating, coming up with ways to stay in the present so bad feelings of the past are not constantly brought up, and letting your partner know you are there for them and you want your relationship to work.

3. What are the common elements of healthy relationships? What are some common warning signs of trouble? What actions can you take to improve your own interpersonal...
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