Healthy Food

Topics: Nutrition, Junk food, Health Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Persuasive speech outline (example)

Topic:| Food and Health|
Title:| Unhealthy food should not sell in school canteen.| General purpose:| To persuade|
Specific purpose:| To persuade my audience that unhealthy food should not be sold in school canteen.| Central idea:| A speech about the factors students taken unhealthy food, how eating unhealthy food affects health and government should come up with strict rules and regulation selling of unhealthy food at the school canteen.| Organizational pattern:| Problem-Problem-Solution|

A. Attention getter:| Do you have bought unhealthy food when you are in primary school? If have, how does it taste? How long it will take to queue for buy healthy food? Of course, the food is delicious and can be bought within a short time rather than to queue up for buying healthy food.| i. Tie to the audience / reason to listen| Have you ever eaten at school canteen and got stomached or got bad food? How many days you suffer from it? It is relevant if government allow the canteen tender sold those kinds of food.| ii. Preview of main points / central idea| Today, here I stand to persuade and explain to my audience about the factor students taken unhealthy food, how eating unhealthy food affects health and the solutions for this phenomenon.| Transition to body of speech:| I will start with the factors that causes students take unhealthy food.| II. BODY| |

A. Main point 1:| Easily being influence by others or the things that attract which is can give them satisfaction even though it gives a long term effects is actually a nature of human. This is the major factor students take unhealthy food which now it is the phenomenon occurs around us.| i. Supporting details 1:| Unhealthy food advertisement on television, radio, and internet strongly influence children eating habits because there are too much advertisement on television that attracts children or school...
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