Healthy Eating Plan Comparison - Essay 4

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Healthy Eating Plan Comparison

Nafeesha Konate


April 30, 2011
Dr. Diane Peffer

Healthy Eating Plan Comparison

Everyone needs to have a plan of action for almost everything that they do, whether it’s a choice of a college to go to, what kind of career they want to whether they want to eat healthy or not. Eating healthy is very important for your overall health. I have found that having an eating plan is a good thing but you have to have the will power to stick to it or otherwise it goes out the window. This is my comparison to a plan I had put into motion about six weeks ago. Changes That Have Occurred in Nutritional Habits

To be more than honest I have not done many of the things that I set forth in my eating plan, it’s sad but true (Konate, 2011). I can say that I did not go to the way I ate before the plan, but still the same I am not meeting my daily requirements per my dietary plan. I have stuck to the added whole grains as before because I realize that whole grains in the diet are very important for the body to have. Comparison to Healthy Eating Plan from Week One

Stated in an earlier eating plan that I would like to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet, I tried this and I was unsuccessful in my attempt (Konate, 2011). I tried to add more fruits such as apples and bananas but after eating this for a few days I found that I needed something different and I am just picky about what I eat. I love to eat and often times if I eat the same foods over and over again I will not want to eat them anymore. What I decided to do that was different from my original eating plan was to continue to eat the way I was before but in moderation. I cut back on my fried foods and I cut back on my eating out; instead of grabbing something quick for lunch I would bring my own lunch this way I knew exactly what I was eating and I knew it would be healthy for me. I believe that the reason for me not changing my eating habits is because I find...
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