Healthy Eating Plan Comparison

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Healthy Eating Plan: Comparison
Amanda Phillips
January 17, 2011
Instructor Stephen Murray

I have learned throughout this course thus far that an individual’s diet can have great impacts on how well their body is functioning both mentally and physically. The saying, “you are what we eat”, can now practically be proven, especially when considering that the foods that are being consumed into our body’s play a vital role to our energy, calorie, and nutrient needs. With that said, not all the foods that we choose to eat are said to be the right choices or even healthy for our bodies. In addition, this would be the main reason that eating a well balanced diet that includes variety, balance, and moderation are key to choosing a diet that promotes a longer and healthier life. Moreover, after providing a food intake diary, I was better able to understand my daily intake compared to the recommended daily allowances for my age, gender, weight, and height. After reviewing my daily food intakes for the first time I was better able to analyze what I eat and make more appropriate steps to improving my diet and meeting the daily recommendations for my calorie and nutrient intake needs. After implementing the information that I received from the food pyramid tracker, I made plans to meet my daily food pyramid recommendations where my diet was lacking. The following will provide a comparison of my diet before implementing changes, and a summary of what changes have been made in my diet. Also, an evaluation of my awareness of food choices will be covered. During the first week of class my eating habits as documented in the Food Diary Checkpoint, were considered poor in certain areas and were even lacking in the adequate amount of nutrients for a healthy and appropriate diet. In addition my eating habits that were documented were not meeting all of my daily food pyramid recommendations as well as lacking considerably in milk...
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