Healthy Eating Diet Comparison

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Healthy Eating Diet Comparison|

A comparison of health eating plans from seven weeks ago until now. What has change and what has stayed the same. Nutrition is important for a person’s health and is very important to know what it is. Involves the six classes of nutrition and what they signify.|

Nutrition is important to one’s health, it can help prevent disease and promote good health. The comparison of the first week from now (week seven) has been a drastic change in my diet and eating habits. Before week one I was not eating healthy and skipped every other meal. I would skip breakfast and just have a coffee. I would not find time to prepare my food, so I would find the easiest things to cook to eat. Within these seven weeks I have learned numerous things on nutrition. Now, I make my grocery list before I head out to the store so I can grab what I need. It helps me from looking around the junk food aisles. Despite the results, there are several positive changes that have occurred in my diet. My diet has increased in fiber, diary, switching to whole wheat, and cutting back carbohydrate. When eating breakfast, for instance, cereal and a cup of fruit is now a larger part of the diet, rather than having a cup of coffee on a daily basis. Bran cereal is my all-time favorite; it consists of some good source of fiber and a cup of grapes or cantaloupe which helps me with a serving of fruit giving my body some of the nutrition recommended by the food pyramid. An increase in grains is a positive step into eating healthier because grains are an essential part of nutrition. Whole grains are an important class of nutrients, which consist of fiber. Fiber is important simply because it helps in the digestive process to break down food and prevent constipation. There are six classes of nutrients that are important to be/staying healthy, for growth, and reproduction. These six classes of nutrients are carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, minerals, vitamins, and...
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