Topics: Nursing, Smoking, Health Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: January 29, 2011
Health Promotion

The author will discuss the importance of health promotion by highlighting the issues that arise in the main body of this essay. The author will explain what health promotion is, the importance of promoting health, discuss health promotion with a balanced argument and relate different strategies to health promotion Furthermore how professionals need to collaborate with one another to promote health. The author will focus on smoking as a key area , how it applies to mental health nursing, what professionals are using to promote this health issue, how this issue arises with the client and what strategies can be put into place to help the client. Then the author will relate theory to practise for the chosen subject. A summary will then be given at the end of the main body followed by a conclusion of the findings and finally will critically evaluate health promotion and there chosen subject in health promotion

Health promotion is promoting health to the public it requires handing out the appropriate information to the patient, whether it is knowledge on how to quit smoking or what illness you could have or when getting medication that you have the right dosage etc. The role of the professional is to give the patient the right information on the health implications they may have and give them right tools so they can access the right information to help them understand about the condition or simply a better understanding. This is what health promotion is all about to promote health education to all. Health promotion is a key element to nursing it is taught in schools from a young age so that when we are adults we learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The media is one way of highlighting the importance of health promotion it uses tools such as adverts, journals, leaflets, books, and word of mouth of health professionals to highlight the importance of health promotion and what effect it has on the public. The public need to have knowledge...
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