Healthcare: United States and Cuba

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  • Published : November 30, 2011
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Healthcare: United States and Cuban
As years go by the human life span increases. Technology and knowledge come together to provide healthcare that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though developed countries have excellent resources to maintain health, many developing countries such as Cuba have only a limited resource. Although the U.S. is dependent on more healthcare professionals as a whole there are many physicians well equipped to provide services to their patients. Healthcare professionals in Cuba lack the resources needed to provide the best healthcare to citizens. Because of this though Cubans live a healthier lifestyle than Americans health is still an issue. Many people cannot afford healthcare in Cuba, which is also an issue in the U.S., and programs for personal health are not available. In both the U.S. and Cuba some government assistance is provided but not all citizens benefit much from it. Approaching the problems of healthcare and adjusting them may be difficult but it is important for society. For citizens in America, the day to day lifestyle plays a strong role in personal health. The daily affairs of Americans are in most part set to a specific schedule. There is a set time for which a person must show up for work or for a student to attend class. This lifestyle causes people to adjust according to their convenience, in one way by selecting fast and convenient food choices. Not much family time is spent on the preparation and consumption of meals, and Americans overall lack basic cooking skills and nutritional knowledge (King, and Hayes 28). This factor, along with the lack of physical activity, explains why most Americans develop cardiovascular disease. Americans are provided with access to different means to acquire a healthy lifestyle that many citizens of other developing countries do not have (Mechanic, and Rochefort 249). Although many services are provided in the U.S for healthcare many people neglect the opportunities and instructions provided to maintain a healthy lifestyle for prevention of cardiovascular disease. Healthcare maintains a problem but may be adjusted by personal health for prevention of major health issues. The lifestyle of Cubans seems to almost force personal health. The citizens of Cuba do not have easy access to programs that assist them in maintaining good health. Many Cubans maintain their health through their lifestyle. “For much of the Cuban population, physical activity is enforced by limitations on mass transportation or lack of mechanized equipment” (Cooper 95). The people of Cuba must walk many places during their everyday life providing a form of exercise. Their diet consists of rice and beans with pork and beef when available which limits the consumption of unhealthy foods that are not commonly available. With the cultivation of tobacco as an important factor in Cuba’s history and cigars are still a source of export earnings, cigarette smoking represents the most urgent challenge for Cuba of all cardiovascular disease risk factors (Cooper 94). Much of the Cuban population smoke causing a less healthy lifestyle. Personal health may not be the most important issue for Cuban society but other problems are present in their healthcare. Cubans have a difficult time maintaining accurate tools and supplies to provide care to all their citizens. It is not enough to have only well educated physicians, you must also be equipped for the job. “The tightening of the U.S. embargo against Cuba in 1992 has had a devastating impact on the health of ordinary Cubans, with patients often denied essential drugs and doctors working without adequate equipment” ( “Cuban Health Crisis” 60). The best care cannot be provided because access to drugs and equipment available in the U.S. can no longer be obtained easily. If reliable access to medical supplies were available to Cuban physicians, the countries overall health would be greatly improved. “It is noted that more than $100...
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