Healthcare Technology

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  • Published : December 23, 2012
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Technology is ever-changing and has become a method by which organizations develop a competitive advantage. Technology has the potential to create an array of benefits vital to remaining competitive while differentiating successful organizations. There are many emerging technologies along with emerging trends that will possibly alter how businesses functions. Haag and Cummings (2008) list those trends as pure technology, physiological interaction, wireless arena, and changing internet. These trends will allow consumers and businesses to modify the way they do things both personally and organizationally.

Biometric Technology
Health care experts, policymakers, payers, and consumers consider health information technologies, such as electronic health records and computerized provider order entry, to be critical to transforming the health care industry (Chaundry, Wang, 2006, p.1). The healthcare industry has done well in ensuring patient safety; however the challenges of medical identity theft and insurance fraud remains. In recent years, emerging technology have provided solace to handle these issues, and protect patients privacy and well-being. This post will discuss biometric technology and its function in addressing issues such as medical identity theft that is still plaguing the healthcare industry. There are many forms of biometric technology ranging from finger printing to iris scanning. The innovation that this writer would like to discuss is the combination of a patient self service kiosk and biometric identification utilizing Palm Secure biometric. Palm secure encompass strong authentication, credit card scanning, patient information updating, and self-service check-in. This latest technology is one of the first registration and check-in solutions utilized by hospitals and clinics. Dupua (2011) further states Palm secure accurately matches the patients to their medical records and does not duplicate records. Additional benefits include reduced patient...
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